Clearpoint Recycling comments on the news

Last Friday, a news story hit the BBC which made all of us here at Clearpoint Recycling both really sad and concerned.

The article ‘Why is UK recycling being dumped by Turkish roadsides?’ showed large volumes of plastic waste being exported from the UK and abandoned and burned overseas.

We’d like to reassure everyone that this isn’t a balanced and accurate representation neither of British exporters nor Turkey’s recyclable material importers. There are companies that really care about ensuring a compliant and sustainable end-destination for recyclable commodities.

And both us and our suppliers are among them!

Our dedicated Compliance team provides a fully transparent cradle-to-cradle audit trail – including tracking and reporting metrics – for every tonne of material we export, so we’ve always had peace of mind that we’re not contributing to these horrific scenes.

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Logistics is always a challenge when moving recyclables from the UK to the continent, Clearpoint’s logistics team operate a slick and effective system, they are helpful and efficient when arranging sophisticated deliveries into multiple European Paper mills.

Dutch Paper Customer

We have been supplying Clearpoint Recycling on a regular basis since 2014. Clearpoint have been awarded several working contracts, due to their professionalism and competitive pricing, and we have confidence that they are consistent in their level of service.

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We have been buying from ClearPoint Recycling for 3 years now and our experience first hand is that they are a friendly and professional business. The material sourced by ClearPoint comes from a trusted supplier network ensuring quality and tonnage meets our requirements.

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Their level of service is fantastic, they are always at the end of the phone if needs be, and their logistics department keep us informed at each stage. They are quick to respond to any unforeseen challenges and have a pragmatic approach when finding solutions.

Welsh Material Supplier

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