As an accredited exporter of recyclable materials, we ensure that our processes are compliant with legislation for waste purchasing, selling, exporting and importing. As an Upper Tier waste service professional entity, we provide transportation and logistical support to manage and move purchased or sold recyclable waste. Our business primarily deals in acquisition and purchasing of recyclable waste as well as selling waste to clients around the world.

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Open Book End Destination Policy

Clearpoint Recycling operates under an ‘open book end destination policy’ which ensures transparency. Our operations ensure that each supplier is fully aware of where their sold material is to be used, with the capability to inspect any local or overseas facility in person to ensure legitimacy.

The Waste Framework Directive

The Waste Framework Directive defines a recyclable materials broker as the following ‘any undertaking arranging the recovery or disposal of waste on behalf of others, including such brokers who do not take physical possession of the waste’.

Clearpoint Recycling work to the EU Waste Framework Directive, which outlines legislation and regulations that govern how we can collect, transport and dispose of waste.

This requires us to undertake all necessary measures in order to ensure that our practice includes the safe transportation, acquisition and sale of waste materials and to undertake these in a manner that does not risk contamination or danger to the environment or human health. The directive includes a number of regulations that set out to ensure waste is managed in a way that is safe, including packaging waste regulations.

For further information on our accreditations and licences visit our about us page or get in touch.

Vision & Values

Our processes are regularly reviewed and assessed in order to ensure that our impact on the environment and the impact of our customers, is minimal. We strive to provide sustainable services that allow our clients to create and build a world utilising recycled materials and reduce the overall impact that we have on the environment.

When our customers choose to utilise recycled materials, we understand that they are adopting an environmentally conscious business approach that strives to produce less waste and reduce the number of materials ending up in landfill. Recyclable materials not only reduce the cost of building and creating products, but can also reduce the impact commercial waste contributes to the overarching problem of environmental pollution.

We strive to offer a service that is transparent, honest, puts recycling at the front of everything we do, strive to achieve innovation where possible and provides a customer-focused approach that is tailored to meet the needs of each and every client and the service they receive.

Audit Trail

Our PERN accreditation or approved exporters license demonstrates to our customers our commitment to ensuring every load of materials sold by Clearpoint Recycling, is carefully audited during the processing activities.

Our overseas processes must also fall in line with those of UK re-processors in order to ensure that we continue to meet UK health and safety regulations. With all recycling commodities thoroughly inspected prior to loading, we are able to ensure that we only source and purchase materials which are suitable for recycling applications.

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Logistics is always a challenge when moving recyclables from the UK to the continent, Clearpoint’s logistics team operate a slick and effective system, they are helpful and efficient when arranging sophisticated deliveries into multiple European Paper mills.

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We have been supplying Clearpoint Recycling on a regular basis since 2014. Clearpoint have been awarded several working contracts, due to their professionalism and competitive pricing, and we have confidence that they are consistent in their level of service.

Welsh Material Supplier

We have been buying from ClearPoint Recycling for 3 years now and our experience first hand is that they are a friendly and professional business. The material sourced by ClearPoint comes from a trusted supplier network ensuring quality and tonnage meets our requirements.

Dutch Paper Customer

Their level of service is fantastic, they are always at the end of the phone if needs be, and their logistics department keep us informed at each stage. They are quick to respond to any unforeseen challenges and have a pragmatic approach when finding solutions.

Welsh Material Supplier

The Recycling Association Safe Contractor Approved QMS Registered