At Clearpoint, we offer a number of different collection options for our customers.

We work with a large network of hauliers, freight forwarders and shipping lines so we can offer solutions on many different types of collections and deliveries in the UK abroad.

Clearpoint works to take away your haulage worries so you can concentrate on the more important aspects of running your business.

We have a designated office team looking after collections on a daily basis, ensuring all reference numbers are allocated, waste transfer notes, Annex VIIs etc. are compiled to the clients’ requirements.

Please contact us with your collection requirements on 01423 855 978 or email us on info@clearpointrecycling.co.uk


  • Walking Floor Trailers collecting loose / compacted paper, plastic and metals being transported to the UK and Europe.
  • High Cube Containers for deep sea export (China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia etc). Customers will require a loading ramp in order to sell goods for deep sea export.
  • Curtain-Sided Artic for both UK and European end destinations
  • Pallet Lines for smaller volumes of material
  • Open Top Skips with on site 40-yard roll-on-off skips being filled with material and collected / exchanged as and when required.
  • Baled– this can be plastics, paper and metals. Mill-sized baling is important for paper and cardboard, but not essential
  • Loose– we collect loose paper and metal in bulkers and walking floors. We can move shredded or crushed plastics in loose form also.
  • Briquetted– EPS can only be collected in this format. Occasionally, we buy baled EPS, however it is often better to briquette due to revenue and payload reasons. We will accept steel and aluminium in this format also.
  • Stacked– items such as pallets, baskets, buckets and trays are collected in stacked format on wooden or plastic pallets.
  • Boxed / Bagged– we collect brand new recyclables in boxes (on pallets) and we buy bagged plastic lump and regrind (all grades considered) on a regular basis.

In line with our PERN accreditation (approved exporters license), we carefully audit every load we sell to the export market. Overseas re-processors must be ‘broadly equivalent’ to those of UK re-processors and meet all the relevant UK health and safety standards.

All materials we purchase are carefully inspected prior to loading. All relevant export paperwork is carefully completed and filed at our head office in North Yorkshire. We operate an ‘open book’ sales policy so that suppliers always know where their material is going. They can, at any time, inspect the relevant overseas facility, in person.

We work with a number of hauliers / carriers and end users / processors. We can supply all of this information upon request. This information must be kept in order to comply with our Approved Exporter (EA) License. This forms part of the normal processes and procedures now in place at Clearpoint Recycling Ltd.

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