Waste Logistics.

Waste logistics is a specialist skillset we’re well-versed in. Working with the very best hauliers, freight forwarders and shipping liners – only the ones that have earned our trust – we can offer lots of collection and delivery options you can depend on. And because we look after the delivery of your recyclable material carefully, you can concentrate on running your business effectively.

We develop long-term, sustainable relationships.

Our logistics team is experienced in handling a variety of recyclable materials, including plastics, paper, metals, and more. We provide reliable transportation services to move recyclable materials from producer to processor. Working with a range of haulage partners with whom we have developed long-term, sustainable relationships. We focus on sustainability and adhering to all relevant environmental regulations. We aim to minimize the environmental impact of waste movement and ensure compliance with local, national, and international standards.

Where do we operate?

We operate across many countries, with our core base in the UK. Whether it’s buying or selling recycling, our ongoing growth means we’re always building new connections and partnerships. Working with a range of markets globally, we lead in bringing new opportunities, routes to market and can provide consistent volumes of recyclables across paper, plastic and glass.

We have experience in the movement of waste in many countries, including:

  • UK
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Eastern Europe
  • India
  • Far East
  • Turkey
  • North America
  • Scandinavia
  • Many more… 

Modes of Transport

Our team of logistics specialists provide consistent, dependable collections that adhere to our highest-quality practices. We’re here to deliver a service that meets your every demand and requirement.  

Our modes of transport include:

  • Walking floor trailers – collecting loose/compacted paper, plastic and metals being transported to the UK and Europe
  • High cube containers – for deep- sea export
  • Loading ramps – to sell goods for deep-sea export
  • Curtain-sided arctic – for both UK and European end destinations
  • Pallet lines – for smaller volumes of material
  • Open top skips – with on-site 40-yard roll-on-off skips being filled with material and collected/exchanged as and when required

Collection Formats

Our efficient collection process of plastics, paper, metal, and glass, results in less work for our suppliers and more options for our buyers. We gather materials in the following formats:  

  • Baled – Collection of plastic, paper, and metal in baled formats. Mill-size baling for paper and cardboard is encouraged where possible, but not essential.
  • Loose – Paper and metal can now be collected in a loose format using a walking floor. Additionally, we offer the removal of shredded and crushed plastic in a loose format.
  • Briquetted – EPS waste must be collected in EPS format which can be better for revenue and payload. We occasionally purchase baled EPS. Steel and aluminium collections are accepted in briquette form.
  • Stacked – For efficient transportation, various items such as pallets, baskets, buckets, and trays are stacked and secured onto a wooden or plastic pallet.
  • Boxed & Bagged – We collect new recyclables in boxes and on pallets, as well as regularly collecting bagged plastic and regrind.

Speak to the waste movement experts

Robert Dombi - Logistics Coordinator

Coordinating hundreds of trucks every month is no mean feat but add in the complexities of waste logistics and there many ways you can come unstuck. Robert has been part of our logistics team for over 5 years, and understands the export requirements associated with Brexit, Basal and everything else truck-related.

Speak to Robert:

Phone: +44 (0) 1423 855978

Whatsapp: +44 (0) 7457 406637

Email: salessupport@clearpointrecycling.co.uk

Visit our Recycling Marketplace

With new supply options and material offers coming on stream every day we have developed our Recycling Marketplace as a one stop shop for customers looking to access the UK material market. Each listing provides full product description, processing information and photographs. But this doesn't replace the human touch as our Account Managers are on hand to provide additional information that guides the sales process

Hear from our Partners...

Proprietary Systems

Clearpoint uses a proprietary to manage and track all loads. This significant investment in the business infrastructure delivers efficiency and transparency every step of the way.

Export Expertise

With huge experience in the legal export of waste our operations team support the international movement of material.

Financial Guarantees

Movement of waste under pre-informed consent (P.I.C.) notification requires a significant financial guarantee to cover the safe repatriation and disposal of material. Clearpoint covers this obligation as a standard.

Customer Support

Our back-office team is ready to support you throughout the entire transaction. Issues and claims are handled quickly and professionally.

Recycling done right

Sourcing materials

Sourcing plastics, metals, paper and glass grades for you, our recycling procurement offers you a reliable service at the best possible value.  Acting as your UK commercial presence, we work to find the feedstock you need to meet your technical and commercial specifications. We are your boots on the ground, providing access to as wide a range of recycling material sourcing options as possible, for long-term supply and spot purchases.

Routes to market

Much more than a waste broker, we not only sell a multitude of recycled material but work in close partnership with suppliers, ensuring your waste materials are securely sourced and reliable.

Our broad and diverse export network enables us to find the right route to market for almost any commodity you produce. With long-term relationships across Europe and deep-sea markets, we work with trusted recyclers who are looking for lasting partnerships with UK producers.


Since opening our doors in 2012, our waste and recycling consultancy services have seen a lot of change. From the challenges created by the Basal Treaty to the chaos caused by Brexit, our team has navigated the regulatory landscape, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience you can tap into. Whether you need help with your accreditation applications for Pre-Informed Consent or simple guidance when dealing with the regulator, our team of waste trading industry and legal professionals are here to help.