Sourcing materials.

Our recycler buyer process for recyclable materials is simple. We build strong and trustworthy relationships with our recycling suppliers to consistently provide you with a dependable stream of plastic, paper, metal, and glass materials from reliable sources. Our UK team of Commercial Manager leverage their extensive network on your behalf to enable us to perfectly match the needs of recyclers in the UK and beyond.

we can guarantee that the materials are recycled to the highest functional use.

Our recycling procurement purchasing teams consult with suppliers to meet your needs at every point of transaction. We collect information about the materials we’re purchasing, including samples, to guarantee product quality and that the materials are recycled to the highest functional use.

Our purchasing portfolio features a range of recycled materials. Material sourcing from post-production, post-industrial and post-consumer markets, across various grades of plastics, paper, metal, and glass.

We regularly check samples for quality and any changes that may affect recycling. Working through a range of commercial options, we can provide flexible pricing options, including weekly spot prices or long-term contracts. Exporting legally and responsibly, we can guarantee you a steady supply, while avoiding any sudden price changes.

Commodities we source


We can source a wide range of grades for you. Post-consumer and post-industrial sources, supplied baled, loose, shredded or granulated. Exported via Green List or Pre-Informed Consent, we provide commercial opportunity for recyclers capable of providing additional cleaning and sorting. Grades available include:

  • Mixed plastics and mixed bottles
  • PET
  • PP
  • PVC
  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • Film Grades
  • Rigids
  • EPS


Our paper buying services span across all grades of paper and cardboard, and can be post-consumer or post-commercial grades. Material is available for local supply, European export or deep sea. Grades we source include:

  • Cardboard OCC
  • Soft & Hard
  • Shredded
  • Best white


We specialise in post-consumer metal packaging, but can also source post-industrial and post-commercial grades. Transported baled, briquetted or loose to suit your needs, materials can also be supplied source segregated with high levels of purity, or sorted post-consumer if you’re pre-sorting prior to processing. Grades of metal include:

  • All Ferrous
  • All Non-Ferrous
  • Steel and aluminium cans


We operate a number of Pre-Informed Consent notifications for Mixed/MRF glass into continental Europe. We can haul loose via tippers or aggregate port side to export via boat into key European locations. Glass grades include:

  • Bottle glass – all colours
  • MRF glass
  • Coloured sorted pure glass cullet

Visit our Recycling Marketplace

With new supply options and material offers coming on stream every day we have developed our Recycling Marketplace as a one stop shop for customers looking to access the UK material market. Each listing provides full product description, processing information and photographs. But this doesn't replace the human touch as our Account Managers are on hand to provide additional information that guides the sales process

Hear from our Partners...

Speak to the material sourcing experts

William Oakes - Commercial Manager

William has more than 12 years’ of experience in the industry with an unrivalled network throughout the UK and Europe. As a Commercial Manager, he can provide deep insight into the production of multiple grades of plastics helping to perfectly match producers with processors.

Speak to William:

Phone: +44 (0) 1423 855978

Whatsapp: +44 (0) 7457 406637


Commercial Managers

Our UK based Commercial Managers work closely with our suppliers, ensuring they understand their individual operations and challenges.

Export Expertise

With huge experience in the legal export of waste our operations team support the international movement of material.

Financial Security

Having traded for over 12 years, Clearpoint has the financial strength and security to provide customers with optimal payment terms, supporting your cashflow.

Customer Support

Our back-office team is ready to support you throughout the entire transaction. Issues and claims are handled quickly and professionally.

Recycling done right

Routes to Market

Much more than a waste broker, we not only sell a multitude of recycled material but work in close partnership with suppliers, ensuring your waste materials are securely sourced and reliable.

Our broad and diverse export network enables us to find the right route to market for almost any commodity you produce. With long-term relationships across Europe and deep-sea markets, we work with trusted recyclers who are looking for lasting partnerships with UK producers.


Our waste logistics services offer safe and on-time access to a wide range of global markets. Transporting thousands of tonnes of recycling material every month, both domestically and via export, our team are highly experienced in everything needed for legal movement for a no-hold-up guarantee at the border. Having navigated Brexit, there is nothing our team can’t handle. You can track your shipment via our website, giving you constant visibility of its journey and destination.


Since opening our doors in 2012, our waste and recycling consultancy services have seen a lot of change. From the challenges created by the Basal Treaty to the chaos caused by Brexit, our team has navigated the regulatory landscape, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience you can tap into. Whether you need help with your accreditation applications for Pre-Informed Consent or simple guidance when dealing with the regulator, our team of waste trading industry and legal professionals are here to help.