Finding you routes to market.

If you’re wondering, ‘how do I sell my recycling?’ let us act as a waste broker for you. We sell on various grades of used materials. And our compliance and transparency ensures ethical recycling actually happens. Anything we sell goes through a rigorous quality control process. Everything’s fully traceable.  

Fully traceable. Totally ethical. Recycling done right.

We’re connected with highly skilled, technologically advanced recycling companies in markets where there’s a real demand for your recyclable materials. That means you can tap into trusted waste recycling buyers in need of your product and secure the best value for your product.

Having got to grips with your capabilities, any specific plant requirements or challenges faced disposing of your recycling waste materials, we provide you with the optimum routes to recycling. We’ll act as your recycling broker in the export market. You can leave it to us to present your materials to the right potential customers to secure the best outcome for you, price and planet-wise.

When it comes to selling your material, we’re here to help make all of it simpler. Providing detailed information and photographs, supplying composition analysis and organising trial loads where possible, making it easier to find suitable potential buyers.

Having set up compliant export routes already and negotiated the best haulage rates, we even help your sale literally move through more easily. Consistent, regular collections and deliveries managed by our in-house logistics team means less stress for you and the buyer.

With ongoing account management, demonstrating our compliance through sampling, quality inspection, and reporting on yield and quality improvements, you can feel confident, that we’ve disposed of your waste right.

Routes to market for....

Plastics Recyclers

We collaborate with major plastic processors and recyclers across Europe, offering a wide range of markets for key grades like PET, HDPE, and LDPE, both post-consumer and post-industrial.

Our network includes full-service recyclers with advanced sorting, washing, and processing capabilities, as well as smaller niche processors seeking specific grades, like printed reels for de-inking.


Our routes to market for different paper grades have truly become global, with deep-sea and local options providing extensive recycling buyer solutions for UK waste generators.

This ever-changing market remains challenging to navigate. But we’re constantly expanding our network with compliance in mind, always giving you informed, responsible options for export.


Having established lasting, trusted relationships with suppliers and processors, we’re able to sell high-quality, recyclable metal materials in an ethical, traceable way.

We specialise in both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap and offer metal in various forms, including steel, mixed aluminium cans, and residual metals.


We can sell recyclable glass materials, including commercial glass recycling. We can find routes to market for an extensive range of post-consumer glass in various qualities, including coloured and mixed MRF glasses. As we expand, we aim to offer more options.

Visit our Recycling Marketplace

With new supply options and material offers coming on stream every day we have developed our Recycling Marketplace as a one stop shop for customers looking to access the UK material market. Each listing provides full product description, processing information and photographs. But this doesn't replace the human touch as our Account Managers are on hand to provide additional information that guides the sales process

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Hariette Shave - Head of Commercial

Hariette is our Head of Commercial and is responsible for our sales team both in the UK and abroad. Working for Clearpoint since 2016, Hariette has a wealth of sector and business experience.

Speak to Hariette:

Phone: +44 (0) 1423 855978

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Account Managers

Our Account Managers work closely with our customers, ensuring they understand their individual needs and challenges.

Export Expertise

With huge experience in the legal export of waste, our operations team support the international movement of material.

Financial Security

Having traded for over 12 years, Clearpoint has the financial strength and security to provide customers with optimal payment terms, supporting your cashflow.

Customer Support

Our back-office team is ready to support you throughout the entire transaction. Issues and claims are handled quickly and professionally.

Recycling done right

Sourcing materials

Sourcing plastics, metals, paper and glass grades for you, our recycling procurement offers you a reliable service at the best possible value.  Acting as your UK commercial presence, we work to find the feedstock you need to meet your technical and commercial specifications. We are your boots on the ground, providing access to as wide a range of recycling material sourcing options as possible, for long-term supply and spot purchases.


Our waste logistics services offer safe and on-time access to a wide range of global markets. Transporting thousands of tonnes of recycling material every month, both domestically and via export, our team are highly experienced in everything needed for legal movement for a no-hold-up guarantee at the border. Having navigated Brexit, there is nothing our team can’t handle. You can track your shipment via our website, giving you constant visibility of its journey and destination.


Since opening our doors in 2012, our waste and recycling consultancy services have seen a lot of change. From the challenges created by the Basal Treaty to the chaos caused by Brexit, our team has navigated the regulatory landscape, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience you can tap into. Whether you need help with your accreditation applications for Pre-Informed Consent or simple guidance when dealing with the regulator, our team of waste trading industry and legal professionals are here to help.