Waste Consulting.

With our waste management consultancy expertise on your side, we make it super easy to buy recyclable materials. Totally transparent, keeping communication constant, our you-centric service delivers at every step, every time. With years of industry experience and close relationships with the UK environment agencies, we have our ear to the ground and a razor-sharp understanding of how to navigate the regulatory landscape, ensuring we are and helping you get “always audit ready”.

Clear, consistent, compliant recycling consulting

We’ve seen a lot of change in the waste handling world, from the challenges of the Basal Treaty to Brexit. Our team has consistently navigated this new regulatory landscape clearly and compliantly. As a result, we’re here to share the invaluable knowledge we’ve gained with you.

Whether you need help with your accreditation applications for Pre-Informed Consent, guidance when dealing with the regulator or simple recycling advice, you can feel confident we’ll have an answer you can trust. Our team of industry and legal professionals are ready to help.   



Clearpoint Recycling has been PERN accredited since 2015, passing our yearly audit with flying colours year after year. Our “always audit ready” philosophy means that we continually build and adapt processes to fulfil our obligations while making our suppliers’ and customer’s lives as pain-free as possible.


Our extensive network of Pre-Informed Consent (PIC) notifications allows for the legal and frictionless movement of waste across Europe and beyond. As one of the first waste brokers to embrace the principle of PIC notifications as a route to market rather than a solution to problem waste our understanding and management of them is second to none.


Having been in the waste industry for well over 10 years we have experienced our fair share of audits. Working with the local environment agencies across the UK and Europe is key in building trust and confidence that when it is done by Clearpoint it is done right. If you find yourself being audited, we can help navigate you through the process.


In the ever-changing waste industry it is important to work with a strategy that provides direction but with the flexibility to shift focus or pivot should planned regulatory changes fail to materialise, or impact your business sooner than expected. We can help guide you through this minefield and set your waste business on the path to success.

Speak to the compliance experts

Sarah Sanpher-McDowell - Operations Director

Having joined Clearpoint at its inception Sarah’s experience in Compliance and Regulatory Support is unrivalled. Working through major changes within the global recycling market her knowledge and experience is invaluable to anyone looking to trade waste.

Speak to Sarah:

Phone: +44 (0) 1423 855978

Whatsapp: +44 (0) 7457 406637

Email: sarah@clearpointrecycling.co.uk

Visit our Recycling Marketplace

With new supply options and material offers coming on stream every day we have developed our Recycling Marketplace as a one stop shop for customers looking to access the UK material market. Each listing provides full product description, processing information and photographs. But this doesn't replace the human touch as our Account Managers are on hand to provide additional information that guides the sales process

Hear from our Partners...

Recycling Association 

We are members of the Recycling Association, thetrade association for UK recycling companies. 

ISO registered

We are an ISO registered company with ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 accreditations. 

Export Expertise

With huge experience in the legal export of waste our operations team support the international movement of material.

Customer Support

Our back-office team is ready to support you throughout the entire transaction. Issues and claims are handled quickly and professionally.

Recycling done right

Sourcing Materials

Sourcing plastics, metals, paper and glass grades for you, our recycling procurement offers you a reliable service at the best possible value.  Acting as your UK commercial presence, we work to find the feedstock you need to meet your technical and commercial specifications. We are your boots on the ground, providing access to as wide a range of recycling material sourcing options as possible, for long-term supply and spot purchases.

Routes to market

Much more than a waste broker, we not only sell a multitude of recycled material but work in close partnership with suppliers, ensuring your waste materials are securely sourced and reliable.

Our broad and diverse export network enables us to find the right route to market for almost any commodity you produce. With long-term relationships across Europe and deep-sea markets, we work with trusted recyclers who are looking for lasting partnerships with UK producers.


Our waste logistics services offer safe and on-time access to a wide range of global markets. Transporting thousands of tonnes of recycling material every month, both domestically and via export, our team are highly experienced in everything needed for legal movement for a no-hold-up guarantee at the border. Having navigated Brexit, there is nothing our team can’t handle. You can track your shipment via our website, giving you constant visibility of its journey and destination.