HDPE Jazz.


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Product Information

Grade: HD Jazz

Expected weight: 24mt

Stored: Inside

Expected Haulage Type: Curtain or container

EWC Code: 19 12 04

Availability: Available weekly, but can do monthly orders.

Load Frequency: On average 2 per week

Material Background: Post consumer material – the site is a PRF, so only buys mixed plastic which has already been through a sorting process at a MRF or comingled mixed plastic with metals. Process – goes through a bale breaker then metals are removed via over band magnet and Eddy current. The site then uses various optical sorters which target the following – PET Natural, HDPE Natural, HDPE Jazz, PP. Each polymer then has a manual QC with up to 10 people removing any contam on the select polymer. PET Jazz is positively picked off the residual line towards the end of the process. After QC all grades fall into bunkers ready to be baled. Each bale is then dressed/QCd if not up to standard it then gets put through the process again.

Tied: Metal wires

Pallets: No

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