PET Natural.


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Product Information

Grade: PET Natural

Expected weight: 15t

Stored: Inside

Expected Haulage Type: Curtain sider

Availability: Every 3 weeks

Load Frequency: 2 per week

Material Background: DMR – fully co-mingled (inc. Glass). Material is loaded into a hopper where it passes through a manual QC cabin, large pieces of non recyclables are removed at this stage so they don’t damage the MRF. Material goes through a second QC cabin where large pieces of OCC are positively picked from the line before going into a bunker to be baled. Material runs through a Trommel where the glass and fines fall through onto a separate line into a bunker. Material then passes through an optical sorter where they target fibres, then an overband and eddy current to remove the metals. The plastics then go through multiple Optical sorters that target PET, HDPE and general plastic. All lines have a manual QC at the end, that negatively pick the material to remove contamination. Before if falls into a bunker to be baled.

Tied: Metal wires

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