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Product Information

Grade: PP post-consumer scrap

Expected weight: 19mt

Stored: Inside

Expected Haulage Type: Curtain or container fine

EWC Code: 19 12 04

Availability: 1 loads per week

Load Frequency: Weekly

Material Background: The PP is positively picked at the supply site facility from ‘Mixed Plastics’ or ‘PTT’. Process at supply site involves the mixed plastic material being fed into a bale breaker to remove the wires and spread the material apart for picking. Material passes through an initial picking cabin to remove any oversized or obvious no target items. Material then runs through a trommel to remove any glass or fines. Overband magnet and an ECS are then used to extract the metals.  ‘Tomra’ NIR units are then used to pick target grades, HDPE Nat and PET are the first two, residue from run 1 is then placed back into the plant to be run along with other PTT material and the second pass is used to fire on target streams of PP and also to create a ‘PTT’ for onward sale.

Bale size: Mill size

Tied: Metal wires (not galvanised)

Pallets: No

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