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Product Information

Grade: PTT

Expected weight: 15mt

Stored: Outside

Expected Haulage Type: Curtain or container ok

EWC Code: 19 12 12

Availability: Every month there’s 3 to 4 x loads available

Load Frequency: approx. one per week

Material Background: Post commercial material picked from council co-mingled.  The feedstock material is without fibre or glass, just plastics and metals. The metals are removed using, magnets and ECS. The plastic material is Tomra positively picked (optical NIR) then run through a quality control cabin to have any non-target removed by hand from the stream prior to baling.

Format: Mill size bales

Tied: Metal wires

Pallets: No

Additional notes: Bales come out of a different baler to the PET hence the poorer payload on this stream.

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