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Product Information

Grade: Steel

Expected weight: 18m/t

Stored: Outside on hard standing

Expected Haulage Type: Curtain or container.

EWC Code: 19 12 02

Availability: Available now

Load Frequency:  2 loads a month

Material Background:

1.      Fully co-mingled Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) material is received on-site from kerbside Council collections

2.      The DMR is fed into a ‘bag opener’ that tears open any bags, from here it flows onto a conveyor that is set at a pre-determined speed to maximise the separation of the comingled dry mixed recyclable material.

3.      Enters a pre-sort cabin where large metal and rigid materials along with any visible film is removed that may damage the MRF. OCC is also removed at this stage which goes for bailing.

4.      All other DMR flows into the MRF. The first stage is the removal of glass. The glass falls onto the Glassbreaker DRS screens. The glass breaks and falls through the 40mm screen. Glass is removed and all other material continues onwards.

5.      A Ballistic separator then separates 2d (paper and card) from 3d (plastics and metals). Paper goes over the top and the plastic and metal materials fall through onto a separate conveyor

6.      An overband separation magnet then removes ferrous metals from the plastic and metal waste streams. These are bunkered and then bailed.


1.     Once material bunkers are full they go for baling

2.     Steel can bales are not dressed

Tied: Galvanised ties

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